Sunday, July 8, 2012

5 months & almost 3!

Elijah turned 5 months on March 13th! He is such a happy little man in spite of his current condition - We have been struggling for about 2 months with his horrible eczema. His little elbow, the crooks of his legs, his face, scaplp - pretty much everything but his torso and cute little butt was affected. Worst of all, he wakes up every hour or so during the night due to the itchiness, then he scratches until his skin was raw. It seemed like there was no relief. After trying every over-the-counter remedy (Aquaphor worked the best - but we needed to apply it nearly 5 times a day just to keep it under control), reading every mommy-blog/website I could find, we resorted to calling the dermatologist and getting a perscription for heavy-duty hydrocortizone cream. Within one application he starting looking better. After 4 days, it is almost all gone. He is waking less at night and not scratching nearly as much. He is even HAPPIER now - barely fussing and napping better too.

He plays a game with me nearly every night at dinner. We eat at the table while he bounces away in his bouncer on the floor next to me. He pretends to get fussy then I look over at him and make a silly face and he giggles hysterically. Then I go back to eating and he pretends to fuss again and we repeat this routine throughout dinner. He just loves his mama!!

Jonah-mo is quickly approaching his 3rd birthday (May 13th) and has become such a little boy. I don't see him as a toddler anymore, which makes me more proud than sad. He has his own ideas and thoughts, he can dress himself, he is doing great with his potty-training (thanks to Nana), and is now registered for pre-school this fall and 2 summer camps - soccer & golf.

I look at him sometimes and can't believe he is my child. When I look in the mirror, I still don't see a mom and a child. I see myself, with a child. Weird, I know. I'm not sure when, or if, that will ever change.

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