Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Elijah - 4 months!

My 'little' Elijah is now 4 months old, which requires a 4-month well-baby visit to our pediatrician. While I was excited to see how BIG he is, I was also excited to discuss his eczema and poor sleeping habits with her to gain some insight and advice.

The good news:

He is 18 lbs (exactly) and 26" long! Both the 90th percentile for his age group! VERY similar to his big brother. I know that just cause a baby is big, doesn't mean that he is healthy - we look to the milestones for that, and he is doing great in both departments, so we are pleased!

The bad news:

Elijah's sleeping is miserable and so is his eczema - which, apparently, are connected in many ways. The itchiness is what can disrupt his sleep and causes his to rub his face, and scratch his head raw (poor baby). We have gotten it under control, but not cleared up, so he is on a regime of multiple slathering of Aquaphor per day and hydrocortizone on his face and neck twice a day.

This should help with the disrupted sleep, however, his inability to self-soothe is just as big of a problem. He wakes up and has no idea how to fall back asleep. YES, this is my fault for rocking and feeding my baby to sleep (sue me) and letting his sleep in his swing - had it not been for the eczema, he wouldn't be waking up so much and therefore wouldn't need super-duper soothing skills. So, we are now on night 3 of 'crying it out', and man, is this child stubborn! I can handle the crying, I just know how tired he is and desperately want him to sleep for his own sake, let alone mine. I feel like I'm breaking his will, not just bad sleep habits!

I have read multiple books and considered lots of theories, and this is what makes the most sense. If it doesn't work, we'll attempt some alternative way of getting us all some more sleep!

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