Thursday, February 2, 2012


I refuse to be "this woman":

WOMAN: "I am on a diet to lose my baby weight!"
FRIEND: "How old is your baby?"
WOMAN: "5"
FRIEND: "5 months?"
WOMAN: "No. 5 years old."

I remember a day when I was thin, fondly. It was long before I had kids, or was married. I was young and thin. Now, I am old(er) and fat. Yes, I just had a baby, but I was fat before I had the baby. I don't say this so that others will say to me "you're not fat!". I say it because it's true and I am hoping that if I say it out loud MORE, it will shame me into doing something about it. I recently saw an piece on the news about the program tweet what they eat - that way everyone can see how good (or more likely, how bad) a person is eating and it will motivate him/her to eat better. I can see how this could work..... but since I don't tweet, this blog will have continual updates of my progress, good and bad!

If I could be happy in my own skin (and weight), I wouldn't mind, but I am not happy. I want to look the way I used to - as much as is possible given the structural changes to my body caused by pregnancy. I let myself gain entirely too much weight with both pregnancies and now I am paying the price.

Here is a timeline of my decline!

2003 (the year I met Jason) weight: 145 (size 8)
2005 (the year I got married) weight: 155 (+10) (size 10)
2008 (pre-pregnancy with Jonah) weight: 160 (+5) (size 12)
2009 (at delivery of Jonah) weight: 225 (+65) (maternity)
2010 (1 year post-partum) weight: 170 (-55) (size 14)
2011 (at delivery of Elijah) weight: 215 (+45) (maternity)
2012 (3 months post-partum) weight: 185 (-30) (size 16)

WOW- that was both embarrassing and eye-opening at the same time!

Depending upon how you look at it, I have between 25 and 40 pounds to lose. So I don't disappoint myself, I am starting out with a goal of 25 lbs to bring be back to pre-pregnancy with Jonah. Ideally, I would like to be back to around 150 (35 pounds). If you believe in the BMI, I am technically over-weight right now. I hold my weight in my mid-section - the most dangerous place, putting me at risk for other health-related issues including diabetes and heart disease (the #1 killer of women).

I have begun reducing my caloric intake, cutting back on sweets (my weakness) and portion sizes, drinking more water, and not eating after dinner - this has helped me drop several post-partum pounds. However, I know that the only way to get rid of this huge sagging belly is through exercise. If you know me, you know that I HATE working out. I have an aversion to any and all forms of exercise. So, what's a fat girl to do????

Fortunately, I have met several friends that are going to motivate me. They introduced me to Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred! It promises a 20 lbs weight loss in 30 days (given you do the workout every day for 30 days and I think you're also supposed to follow her meal-planning guide. I downloaded it from Amazon directly to my laptop - level 1 was only $2.00 and I could immediately do the 20 minute work-out.... and I am proud to say that I did it!! I feel like Jell-O, but I did it!!! I am also on the hunt for a double stroller so that the three of us can get out and walk as much as the weather will permit.

Goals? Well, as I said, my first goal is to lose 25 lbs. Through diet alone, you can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week. Adding in exercise, I think I could up that to 3-4 lbs per week - approximately 2 months - April 1st? I am a bridesmaid in my dear friend Cathy's wedding on May 12th....I would love to be back to my 'old' self by then and I think I can do it!!

So hopefully, you'll be seeing a Becca that resembles this: (Maui Honeymoon 2005)


Bianca said...

We are on the same journey! But I am a little late in the game my son is now 15 months and I am just now starting to lose all of the 35lbs I need to lose. Good luck with your journey to being healthy, I will come by to be inspired by you :)

Jesalyn said...

My weight timeline is IDENTICAL to yours (but in a shorter time frame lol). I happened across your blog by chance and it was nice to read that this is just a struggle many of us will get thru. Good luck and thank you for writing!