Monday, December 19, 2011

like most moms....

It's been way too long since I last posted anything. In fact, I realized I had a post in 'draft' state from March of 2011....I just posted it. Sad, that I can't get this done!

My time is limited, although everyone says that. My time is not entirely limited, but my time to think in peace is almost non-existent, unless you count sleep....well, actually even that time is extremely limited!

Since March of this year the following events occurred, in this order:

1) Jason was offered an amazing career opportunity in Naperville, IL.
2) We decided to take the offer
3) We flew to Naperville and bought a house (yes, just like that)
4) We sold our home in Michigan (yes, we still owned that condo)
5) Jason started his job, remotely
6) I quit my job :(
7) We moved
8) We had a baby

I could write about 10 blogs about each of these events, and I'm sad that I did not, but hindsight is 20/20, so I'll just move forward and talk about how amazing we are doing right now!

Naperville is very midwestern and I LOVE THE MIDWEST! I am happy to be so close to my family! I am also happy to have met 3 young couples just like us, with young children living right on my street - JACKPOT!

I've converted to a SAHM for the time-being. Something I swore I could never do - however, my skill set with my kids improves everyday. I hope to go back to work, but that has more to do with the job market than my desire or our need for it.

My children are amazing - Jonah drives me crazy but also makes me laugh hysterically with his sense of humor and I swell with pride at how smart he is, and gosh-darnit, he is handsome!! Elijah, the littlest Meslin, is a happy and beautiful baby who is growing rapidly!!

As a SAHM, I have decided to return to my blog as an outlet for my love of my family, cooking, feminism, and culture. I believe that if I write for no one but myself, inevitably, the truth will be portrayed and will somehow be entertaining to my family and friends who read it. So, enjoy the first of many blogs to come!