Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas with the Meslins

Our journeys to Kansas are a little different than those to Michigan. Michigan is a grueling 11 hour drive, filled with its own brand of discomfort. Flying to Kansas, you'd think, would be easier. However, there are no direct flights to Wichita (40 minutes from our our final destination of Wellington, KS) therefore we would need to change planes...not ideal with a toddler. To boot, these flights are EXPENSIVE - upwards of $400 per ticket. Therefore, we've chosen to fly DIRET to KC, MO, approx. 3 hours from Wellington, rent a car and drive. This also allows us to stop in KC and see friends (we saw Shane on our way and had some amazing BBQ at Oklahoma Joes) before moving on. Surprisingly, its also cheaper to rent a car and drive than to fly to Wichita.

Anyway, out week-long stint was full of family fun, as well as stomach viruses and coughing spells. But, what would Christmas be without a little illness. I also traded in my old haircut for a new one, thanks to my Not-a-beauty-school-drop-out-sister-in-law Julee. I loved the results!

Jonah loved opening presents, although he rarely opened his own, and really loved playing with his cousins...I think they all loved it too!