Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Everyday I think a million tiny thoughts. Because I can talk rather fast, I am able to get about 1% of all those thoughts expressed verbally to Jason, my coworkers, my family, my friends and Jonah. Most of it sounds like rambling even as its coming out of my mouth, yet I can't seem to help myself. Yes, I am HYPER-VERBAL. I think that if I don't say all that is floating around in my head it will be lost forever and what a shame that would be. I wish that i could type even faster so that more of my thoughts could be communicated that way....I think it would help my personal life. People would be more likely to listen and less likely to tune me out.

So, this is my way of saying, I need to start blogging more and talking less. I think that if people want to hear me express myself, they can read my blog, but if not, they can just listen. It's a win-win, expect for the fact that the diligence to type everyday doesn't come easily. It requires a little more thought, effort and discipline.

BTW, this is not a ploy to have friends and family tell me that I'm NOT hyper verbal in other to feel better about myself. I am NOT insecure about it, in fact, I own that self-diagnosis. I just thought I would begin my re-kindled love of blogging with an explanation of my rationale.

TODAY'S QUOTE: Don't confuse effort with results. A harsh reality for some, not nearly harsh enough for others. When people "try hard" to "do their best" but constantly fall short, I don't think they should be rewarded for those efforts. In the real world, directed effort will end with successful results. If your effort is weak, ill directed and/or under-whelming, your results will be as well and perhaps you need to rethink your reasons for being in the position you're in. I am using this quote to evaluate others, when truthfully, we should all first look at our own circumstances and see if we have been confusing our own effort with results.

With that I will bid adieu to my readers....or reader... or just you, mom, and subliminally remind myself while I sleep that blogging everyday will promote creativity and sequester my verbal rants.

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