Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Favorite Things: Volume I

Visual Media Edition

So, this is a somewhat boring post, but I thought it was positive. I could post about things I DON'T like, right? That would be less than boring....that would be ugly.

While I don't want to be a couch potato, there are SOOOO many good shows on the boob-tube these days that my DVR can hardly take it! Here is a listing of my faves and why:

1 - Parenthood: For its broad and inclusive portrayal of familial relationships, its sense of humor in spite of difficult circumstances, its very realistic dialogue among characters, great casting, and great acting.

2 - The Good Wife: Cast - Julianna Margulies, BIG, Josh Charles, Christine Baranski, and the list goes on; great acting; story line is unique, dramatic and a little over the top but not ridiculous; makes every woman in America wonder, "what would I do if I had been in her shoes???", the answer isn't what you think.

3 - Top Chef / Project Runway - Each season is a little different, but I truly enjoy watching "amateur" chefs and designers battle it out for the title. Tom Colicchio: You're kind of a dick, but for good reason. Heidi Klum: I love and hate you, simultaneously.

We also watch House, Bones and CSI (LV only!), but most everyone knows about the merits of those shows by now and if you're not into them, then why start now?

In addition to regular TV, I enjoy movies and miniseries when I have time. If you didn't have HBO you might have missed the John Adams miniseries. It first aired in 2008, and is now available on DVD. I HIGHLY recommend watching the entire thing. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney play John and Abigail Adams exceptionally. The rest of the casting was wonderful! It was also a gorgeous historic portrayal of the changing landscape of our nation while vividly telling the story of John, Abigail, their family, colleagues, friends and countrymen as they intertwined with the cultivation of our government. When this aired, Jason and I got excited every Sunday night to watch the next episode, which made me realize that I am a dork and I love history. Especially when history incorporates the voices of women, children and the human element, and not just the old, white, male, authoritative perspective.

Please feel free to post comments that include YOUR favorite TV programs and movies. This should promote an exchange of 'likes'....


mamabear said...

I love this journey with you

Kitty UK said...

Project Runway- after every episode I am instantly creatively charged up with ideas and want to pull out my sketchbook and sewing machine.