Monday, October 11, 2010

"I Like Turtles"

Because my last few posts have been rather serious, I thought I would share something least I hope you think it's funny.

I refer to this clip on a regular basis using the punch line as a catch phrase of sorts with my friend/co-worker Amanda. It is important to enunciate properly, including the slight speech-impediment. It is synonymous with "whatever", "duh", "really?", or "just forget it!"*

What I also love is how the newscaster struggles to find a transition. Lmao.

If you watch Tosh.0, you know he did a web redemption of this clip. If you don't watch Tosh.0....what's wrong with you? Just kidding!

* Proper use in a sentence:
I drove all the way to the car wash and it was closed. I like turtles.

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Kerry said...

this was funnylicious. i like tautles too.