Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bad fish?

If you see Escolar on the menu the next time you dine, and you are AT ALL prone to digestive issues (weak stomach, recovering from the flu, IBS, etc.) think twice before ordering this controversial fish:

As stated in my earlier blog, I love me some Top Chef. Most recently in Season 7, NJ native Kevin Sbraga won. He is the executive chef at Rats Restaurant at Grounds for Sculpture, a restaurant where I have actually eaten. However, I have some sad/disturbing news. A coworker of mine decided to make a reservation at Rats for her anniversary and much to her chagrin, ended up sick! The culprit? A menu item that is known to cause intestinal trouble in many who consume it! The fish, Escolar, is a permanent fixture on the menu, however, one simple google search will turn up many sites warning you NOT to eat this fish, no matter how it's prepared!

Not only was I disappointed that his classy restaurant would serve such a thing, I was mad, and I didn't even eat the damn thing! Said coworker called the health department in the hopes of simply having the restaurant add a disclaimer on their menu so as not to mislead patrons. I may enjoy some greasy coney dogs and chili cheese fries on my trips to Michigan, but I am aware of the havoc it will reek on my digestive system. I make an educated decision each time I wolf down that cheesy, chili goodness. But without warning, it can most certainly ruin your evening, weekend, and anniversary!!

Message to Kevin, Rats and the whole gang: I hope you quickly take action to make your diner's experience a more pleasurable one.

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Anonymous said...

soooo....are you rethinking your poly-sci education, because this sounds strangely like the Becca I sent off to NJ!
love you