Saturday, October 9, 2010

30 days

My mom and my sister were charged with bestowing 30 days of gifts upon their lovely Rebecca on her 30th birthday. Beginning on September 12th and continuing for 30 continuous days, I opened one gift per day. Nearly every gift included a personalized card, wrapped or in a cute gift bag, and notifying me of the designated day to be opened either by day of the week (2nd Tuesday) or by emotion (open on a day you're feeling crafty). Arriving in separate packages (one per week) and over flowing with love, this was truly an undertaking. It took a great amount of commitment, money and dedication to complete. While I am in awe, I am not surprised. My mom and my sister go to great lengths to make me feel special, loved, and closer to them both. I received everything from a beautiful dress to a scratch-off lottery card (even won $20), from homemade granola to a meat tenderizer. I text mom and Misha every time I open a new item and I've used nearly everything they sent me! There is no doubt that I am easy to buy for, but they find a way of getting me things I didn't even realize I needed in addition to those things I asked for (the meat tenderizer being one). With my 30 days drawing to a close, I wanted to show my absolute gratitude to my beautiful, wonderful, thoughtful, loving, caring, sweet, creative, talented, and amazing mother and sister for making my 30th birthday better than I ever expected.

Additionally, I need to acknowledge some of the others who made my birthday extra special:
Jason sent me 11 roses on the Tuesday before my b-day, and arrived at my work on Friday with rose #12 to take me out to lunch. He also sent me a beautiful and/or funny card every day that week. (if you know me, you know how much Hallmark cards mean to me). Lastly, he bought me a gorgeous pair of diamond stud earrings.
Amanda (my co-worker) made a dozen cupcakes and brought them into work with a 6-pack of Diet Coke and a big birthday balloon. It made my day!
Jacob gave me a beautiful camera charm for my Pandora bracelet - very personal and very thoughtful.
I received so many cards and gifts all with lovely messages reminding me how blessed I am.

I had a lot more anxiety about turning 30 than I ever expected. During a random conversation with a friend, I realized the source of my angst: My 20s were amazing for soooo many reasons. I felt as though turning 30 was a symbolic "good-bye" to that time of my life and it made me very sad. In many ways my life has just begun, and I need to start looking forward to all that lies ahead.

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