Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1 year (a little late)

Jonah is 1.


How did I get here? I am the parent of a 1 year old....

Jonah's doctor's visit was successful - 23 lbs, 31.5 inches tall, huge head.
He is walking, drinking whole milk from a sippy cup, only using binky at night/nap time, and jibber-jabbering like mad! Still working on forming words. He says ma, da da, no, and tickle (on occasion).

Jonah's birthday weekend included visits from my mom and dad and my mother-in-law. We celebrated mother's day and my dad's birthday also. Jonah's enjoyed Point Pleasant and Jenkinson's Aquarium.....and most definitely enjoyed his birthday cake!

Reflection of New Mother:
I haven't felt like myself since I had Jonah. I have adopted a new persona, a new attitude and a new role. I don't feel as though I've abandoned anything, simply acquired new responsibilities and traits. The road to 1 year has been rocky (to say the least). My first 12 weeks as a parent are now referred to as the "dark days", 12-24 weeks were better but still trying, and 6-9 months provided a glimmer of hope for my future.

Now, at 1 year, I have begun to feel at ease with being a parent. (While I am sure this is short-lived) I am now able to enjoy Jonah in a whole new way. Jason and I are having so much fun watching him learn and grow into a little independent person.

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