Tuesday, April 13, 2010

11 months!

Today Jonah turns 11 months old - only 4 weeks away from the BIG DAY! He is surpassing all his milestones - walking, chattering, being bad....he likes to test the waters already. Ahhh, truly he is my child!

He started walking with utter confidence at 10 months - Jason and I were both early walkers, so Jonah's development was no surprise to us. He is super-long and lean (still) and his newest nickname is Jonah-mo Peabody Short-Pants....all his sleeves and pants are too short - thankfully summer is coming so he will not have to worry!

He had eliminated his bottle before bed (sad) and is eating much more "people" food that ever before! Keeping shoes and socks on him is an act of futility - but we try. He needs a haircut to reduce the curly mullet he is growing, but he looks so damn cute at the same time!

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Tim came to visit for Michelle's Birthday/Easter weekend. We had BEAUTIFUL weather and spent most of the time outside (see pics below) enjoying Spring and each others company!

Here are some new photos - I hope to post another video soon!

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