Monday, January 18, 2010

Eating Machine

Jonah turned 8 months (Happy 2/3 Birthday to Him!) last Wednesday and is progressing rapidly through his milestones! He is eating solids (by that I mean jar baby food) with fervor, has 2 teeth and is cutting 4 more (2 top, 2 more on bottom) with minimal fussing, is climbing stairs a little TOO well, and beginning to stand well-balanced on his own. "Ma-ma" is usually only said when he is sleepy, crying or upset (ie: in his crib calling to me in the morning) and he says "Da-da" pretty much ALL the time....I don't think he knows what those words mean, but soon enough he will.

This weekend he decided that he likes puffed cereal (precursor to Cheerios). I have been giving them to him for a couple of weeks now, with little to no interest. Below are the pics of him picking them up with the palm of his hand and then smooshing them into his little pie-hole. I love it!

Tomorrow we go back to the pediatrician for his next vaccine, so we'll have an update on height and weight then!

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