Thursday, November 19, 2009

6 Months Old!

Jonah turned 6 months old on November 13th. He also had his 6 month check-up at the pediatrician which included his first vaccination (yikes!) We have chosen to postpone vaccinations and have also chosen to space them out over time as opposed to having several shots at one visit, in order to minimize the potential for adverse reactions. He did well and had no reaction to the shot (Thank God!) and the only thing alarming about the visit was his size....are you ready for this?

19 lbs, 10 oz. 95th Percentile
28 1/2" long 97th Percentile (same as last visit, which makes me believe that they measured him incorrectly last time)


Additionally, Jonah is a milli-second away from crawling...lots of rocking, scooting, etc. but he hasn't quite figured out how to systematically move forward....although I am looking forward to this monumental milestone, I am partially dreading how this new found independence will wreak havoc on our lives!

The other big change recently has been Day Light Savings. Previously just a nuisance, this bi-annual change is now viewed with disdain and contempt for it's unruly impact on Jonah's schedule. His 7:30 bedtime had to be bumped back to 6:30, meaning that bath time begins at 6:00, meaning that I only get about 1 1/2 hours with him after work and before bed. This makes me sad because it really limits my QT with him, however, the fact that he is still able to sleep about 12 hours (only waking up once for a mini-bottle) and get up at 6:00 am, reinforces the fact that he NEEDS to go to bed that early and he is a happy boy for it.

We introduced solids just after 4 1/2 months and he eating well - he loves squash, sweet potatoes, peas and bananas. Not so crazy about carrots, apples or pears. We just increased his daily intake because my pediatrician thinks he needs more food...he is so lean and so energetic, he burns everything so more calories will help sustain him. I can only imagine what my grocery bills are going to look like in about 13 years!

Take a look at these muscles:

I'm Back!

I have been a slacker-blogger...and I apologize. SO much has happened since my last post that I almost don't know where to begin. October held all sorts of adventures for Mr. Jonah! We has two sets of visitors and, of course, his first Halloween!

Let's start with the visit from Misha and Tim over the weekend of October 17th. Jason had to fly to Wichita to stand up in his friend Chaney's wedding, so my sister and her husband flew up to keep me company and to squeeze the spit out of their nephew. Here are some pics from that amazing visit!

Next, over the Halloween weekend, Jason's BF, Craig and his wife Sarah came to visit us. This was their first time up to NJ and Sarah's introduction to Mr. Jonah. We had a wonderful time with them and are so grateful that they made the trip! Here is a pic of Sarah and Jonah spending some QT together.

Jonah's first Halloween was very eventful! I work at a school so we had our Halloween parade on Friday and my babysitter brought Jonah up to work and he got to participate in the parade in his costume. What was he? Nemo! The cutest Nemo I've ever seen! Thanks to my mom and dad who picked out the purchased the costume. My dad also picked out a super-cute outfit for him to wear in the days leading up to Halloween (Boo!)