Saturday, August 22, 2009

say "I love my feet"

This was the finishing touch on Jonah's room that I finally got around to completing!

Jonah has discovered his feet! He went from barely noticing them to having them in his hands (and mouth) every chance he gets! It is the damned cutest thing ever. What else is new? He is super-duper-drooly face. I understand that this is the pre-cursor to teething (yikes!) We need to keep him in a bib 24-7 otherwise his clothing get soaked along with the front of my shirt while I hold him. He is also standing beautifully with barely any help. He will even stand at the coffee table without us holding him. He is also chatting up a storm! He is saying "mmmmm" and "bbbbbbb" and "thhhhhhhhhh" all of which we are attempting to transform into actual words. Of course there is documenation of all of these developments below!

He's been doing great at the sitter's house while I've been back at work. We're both feeling more structure and organization now that our days have schedules. His sleeping, on the other hand, needs a little more work. His body clock can't quite make up it's mind about when it's supposed to wake up, so although we were down to one nighttime feeding a few weeks ago, we're back to two.... but we're trying to work on that!

The Incredible Hunk

Drooly Face!

Playing with my feet!

Standing Tall!

p.s. Sissy, if you are reading this, the title of this post is for you remember where it's from?

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