Monday, July 20, 2009

First Plane Ride

On July 7th Jonah went on his first plane ride! We traveled to Kansas to see Jason's family and friends! Everyone was so excited to meet Jonah and we were happy to get away and visit with everyone...despite 100 degree heat!

Jonah did great on the plane and Jason and I did pretty well maneuvering through the airport with a newborn and all our stuff!

Although everyone says traveling with kids is not the most pleasant experience, I hope the fact that Jonah has started so early and will continue to travel quite a bit will make this a little easier on us in the future. It makes me laugh to think that my first plane ride wasn't until I was 17 and we went to Cancun for Spring Break my senior year in high school. I remember Dana had flown at least a few times and she seemed to know what to do, so I just followed her lead the entire trip. Here Jonah is, just 8 weeks old getting on an airplane for the first time.

The funniest part of the entire trip was on our connecting flight back from Memphis to Philadelphia, we were seated in the first row and Jonah was fussing a bit - our flight attendant was a rather large, no-nonsense, southern woman who leaned over and began talking to Jonah - when he didn't stop fussing she asked if she could have him - so we handed him over and she proceeded to greet all the passengers on the plane while holding Jonah over her shoulder and patting his little butt! He quieted down and I think all the passengers got a kick out of the whole situation!

Here are some photos from the trip!

Jonah and his cousin Jason

Jonah and his cousin Caitie

Jonah and his Grammy

Jonah and his Papa

Jonah and his cousin Rowan

Jonah with his cousins Rowan and Eden

Jonah with his Daddy and "Uncle" Craig

Jonah with "Auntie" Debra (Riddick's mom)

Jonah with his best buddy Riddick

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