Monday, June 8, 2009

Nearly 4 weeks old

Now I know what every mom means when she says that time flies by! We are slowly getting ourselves adjusted to life as a family (with lots of help from Grammy and Nana).

For those of you who are curious about my labor, it was long, strenuous, and painful (like most women's) and Jonah's 15" head and 9 lb. 11 oz. body were mostly to blame. However, there were no complications and he is unbelievably healthy, which is more than we could ask for! I am healing quickly and will be back to my bizzy-body self before you know it!

Since many of you reading this live far away and will not be able to meet Jonah for a little while, I'd like to tell you all about him:

The nickname given to him by his father is Kickapotamus D. Fussabout. He kicks like crazy when being changed, he has 1 dimple (hence the D.) and he likes to fussabout whenever he is laid down.

He only sleeps in the arms of someone who loves him....not the crib, the bassinet, the car seat, or the swing. If you have an additional suggestion, I'll take it, but the special swaddle blanket, the special foam nest for inside the crib, the vibrating pack-n-play, the bouncer - none of them work, at least not yet. Right now our schedule is this: I sleep from 10pm -1am while Jason holds sleeping Jonah then wakes me up and I take over and hold sleeping Jonah from 1am - 3am, then I feed him, then sleep again (with him in my arms) from about 4-6am. The glider and the couch have been my second home.

He LOVES to breastfeed and no matter how fussy or mad he is, he will instantly calm when he's feeding and usually promptly fall asleep. Oh, and while feeding he crosses his skinny little legs at his ankles!

He is very long, so nearly all of his pants are huge at the waist and cropped at the ankles....making him look similar to a sumo wrestler.

His toots can rival that of a full-grown man....bringing on his other nickname Toot-Salad-Sandwich.

We will keep you updated with news of smiles, coos, and hopefully sleep-filled nights.


Anonymous said...

Madison did the same thing:) Matt would have to hold her til she fell asleep, and couldnt put her to bed until that right time. Matt got tired of it, so we started to her to bed half asleep and letting her cry a little. It worked after a few days, but the 1st babies are always spoiled!

I wanted to let you know that Grant is doing better too! His reading level is 24, and at the end of 2nd grade that want you at 28, so not that far behind. We hired a private tutor and he will also go to summer school.

Sue B said...

Gosh, I forgot about Jason's famous nicknames! I think he outdid himself this time --