Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We were lucky enough to have my dear friend Rachel look after Jonah on Friday night so that Jason and I could go out. She could have been lying, but I think she was serious when she said he was really good - no fussing, ate and then went down for bed without incident! I find it hilarious that we now refer to these nights as "Date Nights" when, before Jonah came along, it was simply "Going Out"!

We saw Transformers 2 - almost as anticipated as X-Men Beginnings: Wolverine. It was AWESOME! Even if you think that it's not a movie for you, seriously consider renting the first one and if you like it, you'll LOVE the second one.

On Saturday we ventured into Pennsylvania to Peddler's Village to walk around and enjoy one of the first nice day's we've had here without rain (you'd think we were living in Seattle with all the precipitation here lately!) We went into a little wine shop for Chaddsford Winery and had a wine tasting (now that I can enjoy wine again.) Jason felt a little apprehensive considering we were toting a 6 week old baby with us. Jonah was fast asleep from the fresh air and stroller ride and feeding time was at least 45 minutes away so I thought we'd be safe! The funny part was that 15 minutes into our tasting a couple walked in with their stroller and 13 week old baby - they let us know we made them feel as though it were okay to bring their baby in. Within another 15 minutes another young couple arrived with their stroller and 6 month old baby.... are we trend-setters or what??? Jason and I enjoyed the wines and Jonah...well, he enjoyed his nap time. He did wake up and eat his lunch before we left there and behaved beautifully!

We even managed to have dinner out with him at Sweet Lorraine's (sweet potato fries were YUMMY, pecan chicken left something to be desired, the ambiance on the outdoor patio was nice.) Ironically, this is a chain resturant and their only other locations are in Michigan!

In other Jonah News - he is sleeping in his crib! Every night! For hours at a time! Bedtime is approximately 9:00 pm, and we are down to two nighttime feedings at 12:30ish (Jason's) and 3:30ish (mine) and then he is officially awake anytime between 6:00 am - 7:00 am. He is still tired, but has trouble going back down when the sunlight busts through his window....he'll usually nap again for me somewhere between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. We're slowly building a reliable schedule that is somewhat flexible!! Hooray!

Oh - and here are some new photos of him in his new sunglasses that I HAD to buy him and the sandals that my dad got for him! Also, the first OFFICIAL photos of him smiling! Enjoy!

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