Saturday, May 9, 2009

40 weeks + 2 Days

Technically, Baby Meslin was conceived on this date 38 weeks ago. However, they track your pregnancy based on the first day of your last menstrual cycle and a woman typically ovulates 14 days after the first date of her menstrual cycle....anyway, you get the idea.

I am still feeling good, but no signs of labor.
I expect I'll be back to work on Monday.
However, Jason and I will be celebrating Mother's Day REGARDLESS!

In the mean time my midwife suggested taking Evening Primrose Oil. It's swallowed in capsule form and taken 3 times a day (not just in the evening, ha ha ha).

Why Evening Primrose Oil, you ask?

It is an "excellent source of prostaglandins, which readies your cervix for labor. The ripening of the cervix can help the baby’s head engage deeper into the pelvis, which can help with dilation. Ripening the cervix can cause some of the contractions that start labor. Sometimes, though, these contractions are simply Braxton-Hicks contractions, which help prepare the body for labor, but do not mean you are in active labor yet. Ripening the cervix can help trigger the onset of labor, but it is unlikely that evening primrose oil will bring on labor in a woman whose body is not otherwise ready."

I can say with quite a bit of certainty that my "body" is ready for's just the baby that is a little too comfy in my uterus.

It's also been suggested that I eat Chinese food - what, so I can retain ANOTHER gallon of water in my ankles from all the salt? No thank you.

Drive over a bumpy road. Well, my ride to work every morning would put most Michigan highways to to shame, so that hasn't worked.

There are a few others that aren't really appropriate to discuss on the blog, if you catch my drift.

In the mean time. Keep checking back on the blog, facebook, or texting me - but please know, if you are reading this, you are on my phone chain of people to call as soon as the baby arrives.

And Happy Mother's Day to my own mom, mother-in-law and all the women in my life! You deserve to be honored and pampered!!


Sarah Debo said...

Eat fish and chips! Thats what put me into labor when I was eight days late with Gabe! Hopefully soon! I know what the waiting game feels like.

Christine said...

Okay, so I heard a glass of wine might help as well. HA! Isnt it funny what "might put you into labor". Thinking of you...relax enjoy this Mother's Day. You have spent the last 40 weeks 2 days being the most amazing mother ever!