Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's a Boy!

Jason and Rebecca are happy to welcome:

Jonah Aaron Elbert Meslin
Born at 5:16 pm on 5/13/09
9 lbs 11 oz
22 inches long

We are all doing well. I am recovering nicely, Jonah is thriving, and Jason is the most amazing husband and father a girl could ever ask for.

There is so much to say, I don't know where to begin. So much has happened in the past 5 days and every minute is a new adventure.

I am so thankful for my husband who I love more now than I ever could have imagined - he took care of me and Jonah while I recovered - quite a big task. I am also thankful for my mom, dad, sister and best friend, Dana, who came all the way from Michigan to meet Jonah and help take care of our new family. I also want to thank all our friends and family that have visited, called, texted, e-mailed, etc. with well-wishes. We feel so loved!

Here are the photos you all have been waiting for:

Me and my midwife, Katherine minutes after having Jonah - she helped make my birth experience an amazing one!

Getting weighed in - WOW!

Welcome to the world, Jonah!

Our first family photo

The Malotkes!!

My super-cute going home outfit!
Me and Daddy getting settled at home.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Monday morning I woke up after a difficult night of sleep....random contractions kept waking me up throughout the night. They weren't regular, so I just tried to sleep as much as possible.

When I did finally wake up, I discovered my mucus plug had passed and I had some additional fluid leakage (sorry for the details). I wanted to make sure it was not a slow leak from my water bag so I called the midwife. I came into the office and she confirmed it was NOT amniotic fluid (good news) and then decided to do a non-stress test (which would have been done at my appointment on Tuesday anyway).

After 20 minutes on the fetal heart monitor, the baby's heart rate was awesome, and I discovered those little cramps I was having were actually mild contractions approximately 5-6 minutes apart. I was also dilated to 2 cm. Her best guess was that I would probably deliver within a day or two, but there was still a chance that the contractions would stop and that delivery was not eminent.

However, later in the evening the contractions became more intense, but stayed 5 minutes apart. I was able to sleep for about an hour at a time, with the really strong contractions waking me out of sleep. By 3:45 am I was up and timing them, rocking in my glider, reading a book and journaling. It is now 12:00 pm and the intensity of the contractions continues to increase but the space between them remains the same.

I did not go into work on Friday, Monday or Today. My due date was my last official day of work... which I am rather proud of!

My parents are still in Michigan, I am going to wait until we're leaving for the hospital to have them get in the car and start motoring. We won't leave for the hospital until the contractions are 3 minutes apart and I can't "breath through them" - meaning, they stop me in my tracks.

Jason is a gem - he is at my beck and call, but there isn't a whole lot he can do for me right now. He is standing by, waiting to whisk me to the hospital.

I may or may not be able to update this again before we leave, so keep your phone nearby and await a call from me, Jason, Michelle or Linda!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

40 weeks + 2 Days

Technically, Baby Meslin was conceived on this date 38 weeks ago. However, they track your pregnancy based on the first day of your last menstrual cycle and a woman typically ovulates 14 days after the first date of her menstrual cycle....anyway, you get the idea.

I am still feeling good, but no signs of labor.
I expect I'll be back to work on Monday.
However, Jason and I will be celebrating Mother's Day REGARDLESS!

In the mean time my midwife suggested taking Evening Primrose Oil. It's swallowed in capsule form and taken 3 times a day (not just in the evening, ha ha ha).

Why Evening Primrose Oil, you ask?

It is an "excellent source of prostaglandins, which readies your cervix for labor. The ripening of the cervix can help the baby’s head engage deeper into the pelvis, which can help with dilation. Ripening the cervix can cause some of the contractions that start labor. Sometimes, though, these contractions are simply Braxton-Hicks contractions, which help prepare the body for labor, but do not mean you are in active labor yet. Ripening the cervix can help trigger the onset of labor, but it is unlikely that evening primrose oil will bring on labor in a woman whose body is not otherwise ready."

I can say with quite a bit of certainty that my "body" is ready for's just the baby that is a little too comfy in my uterus.

It's also been suggested that I eat Chinese food - what, so I can retain ANOTHER gallon of water in my ankles from all the salt? No thank you.

Drive over a bumpy road. Well, my ride to work every morning would put most Michigan highways to to shame, so that hasn't worked.

There are a few others that aren't really appropriate to discuss on the blog, if you catch my drift.

In the mean time. Keep checking back on the blog, facebook, or texting me - but please know, if you are reading this, you are on my phone chain of people to call as soon as the baby arrives.

And Happy Mother's Day to my own mom, mother-in-law and all the women in my life! You deserve to be honored and pampered!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a.....


For all my blog-stalkers out there:

The 40 week appt yesterday produced no progress from the 39 week appt. however, Ursula still says that I can go at any time.

Tomorrow is the official due date. Since I have NO signs of labor at this time maybe we'll have a Mother's Day baby....or if my father is really lucky, the baby will arrive on his 60th birthday: Tuesday, May 12th. Either option would be nice considering I'd already be past my due date.

The next midwife appt. is next Tuesday. If I still haven't had the baby by then, they'll do a non-stress test where they just hook me up to the monitors to check the baby's stats for any signs of distress.

Oh, and Ursula predicts a 9 lb. baby (at least) but assured me (in her German accent) that my pelvis will handle it beautifully. I laughed. My co-worker Sarah's baby (now 2 weeks and 2 days old - but 3 weeks early) is still not even my newborn will most likely out-weigh her child....

Monday, May 4, 2009

still waiting

Yes. It's Monday, May 4th. I know my due date isn't until Thursday, May 7th, but we're all just so anxiously awaiting Baby Meslin's arrival, it seems like I'm already past due.

I will be seeing the Midwife again tomorrow - hopefully with an update that shows progress. I feel fine (down-graded from 'good'). My back and neck are getting a little sore from carrying around an extra ___ lbs. I don't even want to say how much I weigh. You wouldn't believe it anyway!

In order to distract me I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I don't care what anyone else tells you.... IT WAS AWESOME! We then had (non-alcoholic) drinks with some good friends on Saturday night - our last night out as non-parents! Then I spent Sunday sewing a super-cute sling for the baby and Mother's Day gifts for my mom and mother-in-law. I can't post photos of either until I have a baby to put into the sling and the mothers have received their gifts. But trust me - all my projects turned out cute!

I will post again tomorrow after my appointment.....keep checking back for updates!!