Monday, April 27, 2009

How am I feeling, you ask?

Today was a difficult day.

The temperature in New Jersey was nearly 90 degrees.
We have no central air at my place of work.
We opened the windows hoping for a breeze.
All the trees around the building are blooming.
I have allergies.
I am retaining gallons of water in my hands and feet.


A day full of sweating profusely, blowing my nose, rubbing my eyes, and the subsequent removal of my shoes to prevent the leather from ripping at the seams.

Not to mention, it was just an annoying day at work. Fortunately, I was able to go home, put my feet up and order a pizza for dinner. Also, the weather channel forecasts a drop in temperature as of Wednesday to a more reasonable 65 degrees.

My next midwife appt. is tomorrow evening. Let's see what she says! If you're counting, it's 10 days until my due date.

I only wish my feet were this cute:


Christine said...

Dont you just love it!!
OMG!! Just wait before you know it you will not just be admiring a new bundle of will be admiring your beautiful normal sized feet ankles too!! Hang in there!! xo

sarah debo said...

You sound just like me when I was at the end with Gabe!! Retained a ton of water, my friends called my ankles "cankles" because I had none! I had to stop teaching beacuse it was just to hard tos tand all day and run after preschoolers! It was awful!! Born at the end of June- the 21st, 8 days late! His was a pregnacy that was not fun! Hope you get good news today!!! Hang in there.