Saturday, March 21, 2009

7 weeks to go

Photo Courtesy of Purple Tree Photography, Livonia, Michigan

A stranger asked me the other day, "When will your baby be here?". I said, "I suppose whenever it feels as though it's ready to be born." She looked confused, so I followed that up with, "I'm due May 7th." She said, "Oh. How nice!" Some people have no sense of humor!

In other news my feet, ankles, wrists and hands have reached a new level of water retention...causing me to buy a couple new pairs of shoes. I normally wear a size 9 1/2, but I had to buy a size 11...not for the length but for the overall width and feet just got fat! Of course I am hoping to decrease in size after baby arrives, but I also realize it may just be another item to add to the "collateral damage to my body" list... and it's all so very worth it!

I've been waking up with numb hands....slightly disturbing. I confirmed this symptom with my other pregnant friends and then read this, which made me feel better.

I also wanted to report a genuine frustration with baby furniture ordering....the dresser we ordered arrived, we picked it up with the help of some friends, carried it up to the baby's room, unearthed it from it's well-preserved box and discovered it was seriously damaged! We returned it only to find that there are NO MORE available. It hasn't been discontinued, but they just don't have any.... we are waiting to hear how long it may, or maynot, take to get the darn dresser...until then, baby's room is in'll all have to wait to see photos of the finished room. I hope it's finished before baby's arrival.

Jason and I can hardly wait for he/she to arrive. Birthing classes are making the actual labor and delivery process very real....and a little scary. More fear of the unknown, than fear of pain. I feel totally confident that I am in good hands at Princeton Hospital and with my midwives.


Christine said...

We are so much alike. Just rest assured....even though you want your baby's room finished in time honestly, it does not matter if it is done or not. Once your bring the baby home he/she will sleep in your room for the first so many weeks anyway. Once I brought Meredith home I really realized how unimportant her room being done was. Does that make sense? I would rather have it done the way you want it...even if that means not in time :(.

Sorry to hear about your feet. My ankles took a beating. Some days worse then others. I think about you all the time...hoping you are hanging in there!!


Julee said...

I had the numb hands syndrome as well. I got to wear carpel tunnel braces on my hands and wrists while I slept. Thankfully, it went away! The baby's room will turn out fine, don't worry! As Christine said, baby won't sleep in there anyway!

Dana said...

You know I went thru this same thing with the room...crib didnt arrive until Chase was like 8-10 weeks old, so I completely understand the frustration of wanting it all done & set. I hope it works out in time, but if not, it will soon. Just be ready in other ways...learn from me as well, especially when you hit 35 weeks. Have a bag packed, car seat in car (or Jason to know how to get it in there) & the basics to come home to.
And as for the fear of unknown, we were all there :) But, honestly, that day was the most exciting & rewarding of my life & with our next one I will anticipate it much more knowing that sense of sheer happiness that it brings :) I'm so excited that it is getting so near for you two. Love you tons & miss you. xoxoxo