Thursday, February 26, 2009

30 weeks (well....almost)

In two days I will have hit the 30 week mark, meaning that I only have 10 weeks to go.

According to the average, the baby is about 3 lbs...considering the size of my belly, I am thinking the baby is a LITTLE bigger! Movements have gone from being a kick or a punch here and there, to what feels like a somersault or the baby repositioning sometimes an elbow or a knee gets stuck in one spot - feels and looks strange....oh yeah, did I mention? You can physically see my belly move when the baby moves (as opposed to just feeling a small vibration with your hand)

Also, the baby got its first case of the hiccups. How do you know it was the hiccups? Well, most movements are random, but the hiccups are small vibrations whose timing is evenly spaced. I also discovered that hiccups are a good thing - a sign that the baby's central nervous system is functioning properly. Yeah!

My gestational diabetes test came back negative too (whew!) - me and baby are still healthy and strong.


mama said...

you look soooo beautiful. Misha had hiccups my entire pregnancy! I am so excited to meet this little person for real! I love all three of you. xoxo mama

sarah debo said...

You look great! I loved seeing my children move while inside me. Gabe really got a kick out of it too when I was pregnant with Amelia.