Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Future

Listening to the words of Barack Obama, I lovingly hold onto my belly and feel the baby inside kick. Just as this child is full of promise and hope, so is our nation and our new President.

I’ve prayed for this day for years. Not just for a new President, or for an African-American President, or for a person’s whose politics I agree with – but rather, I’ve prayed for a person whose spirit would bring together the people of our nation. I’ve prayed for a healer – not for someone to fix the economy or end the war, but a person whose power would heal the wounds of divisiveness and intolerance and replace it with a belief in each another.

As I reflect upon and the nation I call home, I am not angry at the loss of jobs, foreclosed homes, or the military complex. Instead, I am grateful for the ballots I’ve cast, the city streets I’ve walked, and the education I’ve earned – for all of these are freedoms not afforded to everyone in this world. These are freedoms for which others have given their minds, bodies and souls to defend. With such freedom comes the great responsibility of passing along to our children the torch of pride in our great nation.

And so, I shed tears of joy as I think about the optimism into which my child will be born. Only in times of crisis can we truly teach the power of gratitude, humility, and appreciation. My child and my family will not only learn to endure, but learn that beyond these dire straits lies a pool of wealth - not made of dollars, but of love.

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inprogress said...

look at you, getting all poetic on us? well said. whether or not he is the savior that he's being made out to be... he definitely is inspiring and gives the masses hope. that's a power thing, and something this country has been missing for far too long!