Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Belly Buttons

Belly buttons are strange and wonderful things. I've been noticing mine a lot more lately because its been changing shape.....from an inney to an outey. The stretching of my belly has currently positioned my belly button to lie flat, but I am sure before this is all over it will be protruding like a thumb!

But inside the belly button (not literally) there is a story of my own birth. It is what is left of the physical bond between my mother and I. 28+ years ago I was inside her womb and she fed and nurtured me through my umbilical cord attached right where my belly button now lies.

Think about it for a moment. Think about your mom and how once upon a time you were tied together through that silly-looking thing on your belly.

It's ironic and amazing that underneath my belly button, my own child is growing. When the baby arrives and the midwife clamps the cord, Jason will be asked to sever that physical bond once and for all. The child that I carried for 9 months will be able to be nurtured and cared for by both of us now outside the womb. Creating an new bond - an emotional bond that will last a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

I stare at Meredith's belly button all the time. Thinking how we used to be connected..for an entire 9 months!! When Aaron cut the cord it was so bitter sweet. Then her stump falls off after a few days/week and you have to save it. Some may think that is gross...but I saved her little raisin stump. It is all I have left of what once connected us!!! Now, after nursing for 7 months my thoughts cannot help but go to her soon being completely on solids...not needing me anymore to provide all her nutrients. It is pretty amazing all we can do for our little ones! ~Christine