Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Bedding? Check!

I just completed the baby's room bedding which includes the following:



Memory Board

Curtains (in plaid)
Bed Skirt (in yellow gingham)

The photos aren't the greatest - since the room isn't set up, you'll have to visualize how it will all look together!

Hope you like it!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Weeks

Here I am at nearly 25 weeks. Fun Fact: I have gained approximately 20 lbs and my belly measures 45" around....YIKES!

(my face looks fat in this photo....but really, I don't think it is that fat in person)

Jason and I registered at Babies "R" Us this past weekend. My back nearly gave out towards the end, but Jason graciously completed the check list while I tested out the store's gliders.

Since we are not finding out the sex of the baby ahead of time we are not "gendering" the room....truth be told, I don't think I would have gone pastel pink/blue even if we did know. So, instead we've opted for primary colors (yellow, red, blue) and teddy bears - not as a theme, necessarily, but because I personally love and collect them, they are rather gender-neutral, and a very classic toy.

Here are the two fabrics I am using to make the bedding (which is why you will not find bedding on our registry):

I hope you like it - cause we LOVE it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Future

Listening to the words of Barack Obama, I lovingly hold onto my belly and feel the baby inside kick. Just as this child is full of promise and hope, so is our nation and our new President.

I’ve prayed for this day for years. Not just for a new President, or for an African-American President, or for a person’s whose politics I agree with – but rather, I’ve prayed for a person whose spirit would bring together the people of our nation. I’ve prayed for a healer – not for someone to fix the economy or end the war, but a person whose power would heal the wounds of divisiveness and intolerance and replace it with a belief in each another.

As I reflect upon and the nation I call home, I am not angry at the loss of jobs, foreclosed homes, or the military complex. Instead, I am grateful for the ballots I’ve cast, the city streets I’ve walked, and the education I’ve earned – for all of these are freedoms not afforded to everyone in this world. These are freedoms for which others have given their minds, bodies and souls to defend. With such freedom comes the great responsibility of passing along to our children the torch of pride in our great nation.

And so, I shed tears of joy as I think about the optimism into which my child will be born. Only in times of crisis can we truly teach the power of gratitude, humility, and appreciation. My child and my family will not only learn to endure, but learn that beyond these dire straits lies a pool of wealth - not made of dollars, but of love.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Belly Buttons

Belly buttons are strange and wonderful things. I've been noticing mine a lot more lately because its been changing shape.....from an inney to an outey. The stretching of my belly has currently positioned my belly button to lie flat, but I am sure before this is all over it will be protruding like a thumb!

But inside the belly button (not literally) there is a story of my own birth. It is what is left of the physical bond between my mother and I. 28+ years ago I was inside her womb and she fed and nurtured me through my umbilical cord attached right where my belly button now lies.

Think about it for a moment. Think about your mom and how once upon a time you were tied together through that silly-looking thing on your belly.

It's ironic and amazing that underneath my belly button, my own child is growing. When the baby arrives and the midwife clamps the cord, Jason will be asked to sever that physical bond once and for all. The child that I carried for 9 months will be able to be nurtured and cared for by both of us now outside the womb. Creating an new bond - an emotional bond that will last a lifetime.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


With our families being so far away, we alternate major holidays to make sure we spend quality time with everyone. This year we visited my family for Thanksgiving, which means that Christmas was dedicated to Jason's family down in Wichita, KS.

We had a week to catch up with Jason's mom and dad as well as his sister, brother-in-law (B.I.L.) and our 3 nieces and 1 nephew. The kids are always the highlight of the trip because they grow and change so much from visit to visit...especially the littlest one: Rowan who is just under 3 years old.

We also visited our friends Russell and Debra and their little boy Riddick (now 2 years old) and Craig & Sarah. Last but not least, we went to Christmas Eve and Sunday service at church with Pastor John Clayton - I wish that I could fly him here every Sunday to hear him preach - he and his wife Sandy are wonderful and they welcome us so warmly every time we're home.

Jason and I exchanged gifts before we left and I received a new Canon Rebel XS - so you can imagine the excitement I felt as well as the photography bonanza that followed! (see below)

I was able to celebrate with my parents and Jacob & Salama yesterday when we used the webcam to open gifts (ironically, the webcam was a gift from my mom LAST Christmas)....It was waaaaaay better than doing it over the phone and I can't imagine having opened our presents without the gift-givers present to watch. Michelle and Tim's gifts are due to arrive tomorrow and we will webcam-open-gifts with them this weekend. Of course it isn't the same, but it'll have to do until next year!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful families who practically fight over us when it comes to holidays. We're also blessed to have enjoyed such a generous, happy, healthy Christmas. Our families always make it special - not with gifts, but with the thoughtfulness behind every holiday tradition, from cookies to wrapping, it's the little things that make us happy.

My X-mas Morning Baby Bump

Jason Troy

Jason Lee with Rowan Lee (playing with her doctor's kit)

Eden Jae

Caitlin Michelle

Rowan Lee