Thursday, December 11, 2008

A True Vacation

photo courtesy of Sean McClelland

What is the definition of vacation? "leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure" - being home with my family for Thanksgiving was all of that and more. I got to see so many people I love and spend real quality time with them.

We celebrated Chase's 1st birthday with Dana's family and friends - I sometimes forget how long we've known each other and how well I know her family. They're kind-of like an extended family to me so it only made sense to spend part of my holiday with them too.

I visited all my old friends at Shelby Township and carved out a couple hours to spend at Ocean Breeze with my former-coworker, best-friend, and 2nd-mom, Sue B. It was great to catch up on local gossip and to be around people who know me, inside and out.

I got up early most mornings and drank coffee and chatted with mom; I got up waaaay early to re-learn how to make the fabulous stuffing my mother always makes for Thanksgiving dinner; I watched the Woodward Parade; I baked Christmas cookies with mom and Michelle all afternoon, searching for a recipe that came close to Grandma's (which we found); I got some chicken shawarma at Grape Leaves; My whole family sat down together to watch the Polar Express.

Now doesn't that just sound perfect? It was.

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