Sunday, November 2, 2008

ahhhh.....maternity jeans

Week 12 has commenced and I am feeling better than ever. My energy is officially back and my eating is too! I eat every couple of hours so I must take snacks and water with me everywhere I go.

Yesterday I wore maternity jeans for the first time! I had to work and I was going to be sitting the majority of the day and the thought of my regular jeans cutting into my stomach for 6 hours was more than I could bear. Let me tell you – I LOVE MATERNITY CLOTHES! They are soooo comfortable and I can let my belly hang out and not even care!


Christine said...

You will love them after pregnancy as well!! I swear on my life they make maternity jeans more comfy then regular jeans. I think I may go buy some more and take out the panels that they put on them...hmmmm.

Okay, so you are a few weeks away from your "BIG" ultrasound...I know you are not going to tell the sex (next time we are not either). Im just so excited for you to see your baby at this age!! Hope you are enjoying ever second of it!!!

dmlark said...

Arent they the best. All maternity clothes are super comfy & letting it all hang out is the best part. Just wait until you have a ball of a belly & there is no question if its a baby or a few extra pounds...that is super comfy, cause its super cute too.

inprogress said...

those pants are sweeeet.