Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun at the Flyers Game

Jason and I went to a Philly Flyers game last night. We had a blast for a couple of reasons: 1) the Wachovia Center is gorgeous (especially in comparison to Joe Louis Arena - sorry Joe) 2) We had seats 8 rows back from the flyer's bench 3) the Flyers won in sudden-death overtime - VERY EXCITING!

Back to my comment about Joe Louis.....can someone tell me why we can't get a new arena? Our winningest team in Detroit gets no respect? I'm not even a big hockey fan and I think they deserve it!

Sorry Lions, but I think it was a bunch of BS that your sorry-bottoms got a brand new stadium! My dad is the most die-hard fan and it is ONLY for his sake that I'm glad you have a nice place to play.

Teaching Our Children

On a more serious note, there was a downer in the evening at the game. It was a conversation I overheard between a man and his 9 or 10 year old son next to me. A Flyers player had a break-away and missed an opportunity to get a goal. The dialogue went as such:

Father: (angry) Why is that guy in the NHL?
Impressionable Son: Which guy?
Father: The Chinese guy!

a little later....

Father: There he is again!!
Impressionable Son: who?
Father: Pork-Fried Rice Guy

The guy obviously saw nothing wrong with this conversation because he didn't even try to lower his voice - not that it would have made it okay, but at least he would have been conscious that it inappropriate.

I could just see this little boy going to school and calling some Asian classmate "Pork Fried Rice" and not even really understanding what it means or why its so damaging. To this man, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai - they're probably all "Chinese" - the lack of respect for their heritage, the lack of understanding of their diversity, it all creates ignorance and breeds hate. This guy probably says that he is not a racist and tries to "teach" his kids that "black people are good too"....and he really believes that he's not racist.

Homophobia, sexism, racism, etc. are so embedded, so internalized, that we often only see them through the use of everyday language. Referring to an event as "so gay", calling another driver "dumb bitch", saying a woman has a "ghetto booty" may all seem funny, or harmless, but it all reinforces a long history of hate for someone because they are different than you.

This is why being "Politically Correct" should not be such a frowned upon term. Being PC simply means being conscious of the fact that certain language historically has been meant to marginalize others.

What we DO teaches our children MORE than when attempt to TEACH them. Good manners, good morals, equality and respect are all born out of modeling, not preaching those qualities to children.

I am mad at myself for not saying something... I don't know what I could have said that would have made a difference. Hopefully this blog is my way of speaking out, but unfortunately, that man will never read this.

NOTE: I wanted to look up info on the player the man was referring to in order to give him his proper respect. Arron Asham is not "Chinese" but rather is an Ojibway native Canadian from the province of Manitoba and is reportedly VERY proud of his ancestry.


I never belonged to a sorority. I wasn't a traditional college student - I worked full-time, went to school at night, and lived at home with the parents and commuted to a local University. I don't necessarily dislike sororities, but I never pictured myself being the sorority-type.

This past week, I was telling Jason about conversations I've been having with women since I found out I was pregnant. All the mother's of the kids at school I work for suddenly have so much to say and share with me regarding pregnancy and's pleasant, but almost alarming. Jason told me it was as if I was rushing a sorority. I am in the pledge class ("pregnant"), my hazing ("labor & Delivery") will determine my being invited in, and then I will be a member ("mother").....My hubby has always been good with analogies, but this is by far, one of his best.

While I am excited to enter the Mommy Sorority, I am also sad that I am leaving behind my prior designation. My friends who are single and/or married w/out kids will of course remain my friends, but the environment I am moving into is inherently different. Much like how a sorority/fraternity separates you from other classmates and prior friends, so does parenthood.

I don't know that its the same for fact, I'm fairly certain that its not. I am determined to not let motherhood consume me to the point where I am ONLY a mother. I need my friends and family to remind me of the Rebecca I was before the baby came: wife, daughter, sister, friend, feminist, sassy-pants, etc. So if you talk to me and all I can converse about it little peanut's spit-up, the color of peanut's poop, and how exhausted I am, please stop me and say, "can we talk about something else". I will try to remember not to take it personally, but rather appreciate your attempt to remind me that being a mother is more than baby's bodily fluids - it's about being the woman you always were and bringing baby along for the ride!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We went today to meet another one of the midwives at Princeton Midwifery Care and just check-up on me. According to their scales I've gained 3 lbs (according to my calculations I've gained 5 I'll go with theirs). We heard a nice, strong heartbeat and confirmed our appointment for our ultrasound the week before Christmas - once again - we are NOT finding out the sex of the baby.

Needless to say, Jason and I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: our health, our families, our future child, our careers, and our successful new life here in NJ. We are travelling back to Michigan for the Thanksgiving holiday - leaving here next Tuesday and returning the following Sunday. We are trying to keep the trip low-key and spending as much time relaxing with my family as possible. Having said that, I am excited to see all my friends at Shelby Township and having a crazy-long lunch with Sue Bianchi, celebrate Chase's 1st birthday and attend my 10-year high school reunion!

I want to be able to hug my mom, dad, sister and brother and have them put their hands on my growing belly for the first time! We talk all the time, but I miss their hugs and kisses now more than ever.

Truthfully, I am most looking forward to eating my mom's stuffing. My mom's cooking has always represented her love and devotion to her family. Her stuffing is the quintessential old-fashioned, unique and delicious product that no one could ever reproduce. Unfortunately, I received a warning NOT to eat stuffing that is baked inside the turkey due to the fact that the internal temperature of bird may not get high enough to kill all the harmful bacteria which can be dangerous for preggo women....umm....seriously, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will stop me from eating my mother's stuffing. DO YOU HEAR ME?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

15 weeks

Here are some photos of me a 15 weeks
wearing a beautiful top that my mama bought me (thanks!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Italian food Mexico?

Jason and I spent a little less than a week in Mexico to celebrate our friend's wedding and take a much needed vacation. We enjoyed the sun and sand as well as the company of some great friends in Playa Del Carmen and in Cozumel. Mize and Deidre's ceremony on the beach was beautiful as was Wyndham resort that we stayed at.

The only disappointment of the trip was the lack of authentic Mexican food. The resort was all-inclusive and had 2 restaurants open for dinner both of which had nice food....Mosaique was Asian Fusion and Roberto's was I didn't travel by car, plane, taxi, and ferry for 10 hours to get to an Italian restaurant - I live in Jersey for God's sake.

Proud Moment in American History

The blogosphere is humming with election coverage and post-election results. I was in Mexico and upon my return last night I tried to read as much as possible. It was sad to not be able to share in the election night excitement but the true excitement is yet to come. I am thrilled for the future of my family and my (unborn) child.

I can't wait to tell the story of this monumental election cycle. I distinctly remember the first time I heard Barack Obama's name. It was long before his bid for the Presidency and Jason was reading a Time magazine article about the rising star Senator from Illinois. My Republican husband said "I would vote for this man for President." At the same time we were taking notice, millions of others were too.

Seasons Change

Just wanted to post come bright and beautiful fall colors from near our home. I took these a few weeks back - enjoy!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

ahhhh.....maternity jeans

Week 12 has commenced and I am feeling better than ever. My energy is officially back and my eating is too! I eat every couple of hours so I must take snacks and water with me everywhere I go.

Yesterday I wore maternity jeans for the first time! I had to work and I was going to be sitting the majority of the day and the thought of my regular jeans cutting into my stomach for 6 hours was more than I could bear. Let me tell you – I LOVE MATERNITY CLOTHES! They are soooo comfortable and I can let my belly hang out and not even care!

Suffrage: The right or privilege of voting.

The election is days away and many people have already voted – including me! I will be in Mexico for a friend’s wedding so Jason and I voted absentee. However there are many people out there who won’t vote early or at all...this notion continues to baffle me.

This week I watched one of my favorite movies: Iron Jawed Angels. A HBO film made just a few years ago, detailing the life and times of the women who gave the final push to win women’s suffrage through the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920. The struggle that began with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in 1848, but was not won until long after their death. However, the powerful story is one ALL women should hear. I truly believe, if you watch that movie, you will feel the power and determination that drove these feminists and feel a social, political, and cultural responsibility to vote in every election.

It has an all-star cast with great historic accuracy, beautiful costumes, and commendable acting. Men should also be interested in watching this part of our nations history that is often left out of history books.

This movie moved me - it enraged me – it made me cry. Above all, it made me proud to be an American woman and thankful to my foremothers for their undying passion for the pursuit of equality that has allowed me the opportunities I enjoy today.