Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why I Love NPR

There are so many reasons why I love NPR. I could go on for days, but I may bore whomever is reading this so I will keep it to a minimum. Precisely, I adore the game show "Wait, Wait.....Don't Tell Me!".

For those of you who love the Daily Show and other political satire, this is the show for you. I love the banter of celebrity guests using the week's media headlines as funny questions and even better, the prize isn't money, but rather you get Carl Kasell (whose voice is one of the most recognizable to us avid listeners) to record your voicemail message! How fun is that?

You can download each week to your iPod, if you can't catch it live on Saturday afternoon. Either way, it is more than worth the 1 hour of your time. There is something nostalgic about listening to a radio program....not that I actually have my own past memory of what its like to sit around a radio and listen to the stories of mystery and drama with your family in the living room. However, I can appreciate the lack of visual distraction we encounter with television shows and focus more strongly on the auditory proc

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