Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Jason and I are happy to announce the anticipated arrival of our first child!


Q: When are you due?
A: May 7th (I am currently in my 10th week)

Q: Do you know what you're having?
A: A baby. But we do not plan on finding out the sex of the baby...if that's what you meant.

Q: Do you have names picked out?
A: Yes, but nothing definite. Either way you won't know until after the baby arrives. Sorry!

Q: How are you feeling?
A: I was feeling quite a bit of nausea and exhaustion in the first few weeks, but it's beginning to subside.

Q: Do you have a OB/GYN or a Midwife?
A: We have found a wonderful Midwifery practice here in Princeton and the delivery will be at the University Medical Center at Princeton.

Q: Have we had an ultrasound yet?
A: We listened to the heartbeat this past Thursday, but won't have an ultrasound until around 20 weeks (right before Christmas)

NOTE: The blog will not be devoted COMPLETELY to the baby, but it will include photos of my growing belly, the baby's room, etc. and it will continue to include my normal, everyday posts, some with a new perspective. wink!


Blony said...

It looks nice, ...

Christine said...

Congratulations!! I have saved this blog and will be checking it frequently!! Enjoy your journey...it is amazing and one that you will never forget.

inprogress said...

You're gonna be a cool-ass momma ;-).