Saturday, October 18, 2008

maternity humor

I've seen a variety of funny maternity t-shirts - many are tacky and in poor taste, but some are downright hilarious. I can't decide which one is funniest...shall we take a vote?

1. "Watermelon Smuggler"
2. "And how does hearing your awful labor story help me, exactly?"
3. "Say hello to my lil' friend"
4. "Do my shoes match?"
5. "Pregasauras Rex"
6. "I'm making a human. What have you done today?"
7. "If you didn't put this baby in here, don't even think about touching my stomach"

These shirts are available here and here.


Julee said...

What you didn't share with regard to t-shirts is that your favorite sister-in-law is going to give you a "Baby on Board" t-shirt for Christmas. And that you'll have to wear it so you don't hurt her feelings.... Ain't family grand?

inprogress said...

#4 gets my vote!