Thursday, September 4, 2008

enough with the fluff

I can't hold back any longer. I've stayed away from my political commentary for a while, in lieu of fun stuff like cooking, weddings and fashion, but alas, I hear the call of feminists in need.

I have hours of commentary about Sarah Palin that I have held back, but after last night's speech, I am fired up!!

I am not going to bash on her for having a 17 yr old daughter who is preggers. However, I am going to bash on the fact that the GOP is saying it is a political statement about Palin being pro-life. No 17 yr. old should be made into a national spectacle to prove a political point.

I will stand up for her right to be a candidate. I do not believe she should be attacked based on her gender, but rather, only on her politics. The fact that she is a former beauty queen does not disqualify her from running for elected office. Having said that, Sarah Palin is a woman, but she is no more for women's rights than any other socially conservative republican - man or woman! Does everyone understand that? Her political beliefs mean more to me than her gender. Her experience and lack thereof can, in no way shape or form, be compared to Barack Obama, nor should they.
#1 She is running for VP, he for President.

#2 Her status as a local politician, mother of a son in the military, business owner and mother of 5 are all great things. They make her a real person and give her perspective that is part of her political game. I appreciate that she brings that to the table in a way that a man might not be able to, however, these things DO NOT make you qualified to be 2nd in command of our country.

I have worked for a "small town" mayor and I have worked with "community organizers" - the difference is best explained in this video:

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inprogress said...

You forgot one thing... her husband is a snow machine champion. How can you NOT vote for her ticket, knowing that? Honestly, I almost want to vote for her McCain just because I feel so sorry for them. He's old as shit, and she was born with the most annoying voice ever to be heard by human ears.