Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Sunday

We grabbed breakfast this, at Mom's Restaurant in Ringoes. My friend/co-worker Sarah works there, so we stopped in to say hello and eat yummy omelette's, roasted potatoes and rye toast in this little cafe.

We cruised by Terhune Orchards afterwards to grab an Apple Walnut pie and some preserves. It reminds me of the cider mills in Michigan, only not nearly as fun. The smells weren't the same, no fresh hot doughnuts....I appreciate the organic veggies, but I really would have liked some hot cinnamon-sugar Yates Cider Mill doughnuts. It's just a few minutes from my parents home and each fall I look forward to the traffic back-up along Avon Road and Dequindre and the mass amounts of people filing in to savor the limited time each year they're open to the public.

Yet another thing to miss about Michigan.

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