Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dear Sweet Katie

So, my new haircut was inspired by Katie Holmes(in case it wasn't already obvious). She has had some cute hair styles in the past couple of years that she pulls-off beautifully with her fabulous fashion sense. However, recently someone told me that she chopped her hair into a pixie, so I went online to look, thinking I'd find a super cute cut that I could imitate in the future. But, THIS is what I found:

Um....although I can't see the haircut very well, it appears to be a disaster and what is going on with her outfit? I am praying that she spilled something on the lovely dress she was wearing and was forced to put on Tom's sweater and jeans....but I still can't figure out why she tight-rolled them. Poor Katie. What happened?

1 comment:

inprogress said...

Tight-rolling is COMING BACK! Oh, hell yes. It's about time!