Sunday, August 10, 2008


For our 3-year anniversary, Jason surprised me with a weekend away in Cape May, NJ. We stayed at the Inn of Cape May which was a lovely little Victorian hotel across the street from the ocean. The weather was perfect for sitting outside on the immense covered porch, quietly drinking wine after dinner. We sat on the beach all morning on Saturday and in the evening had dinner at The Ebbit Room at the Virginia Hotel ....the conclusion and the highlight of the meal was the dessert entitled "Steamed Sticky Toffee Pudding and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream"...not pudding, not cake, something wonderfully in between. I might have to write into Bon Appetit and request they get the recipe for me!

We finished the evening at Cabanas on the Beach, a bar with a band playing great 80s and 90s music for the late 20s, early 30-something crowd. There didn't appear to be a whole lot of night-life in this family-friendly town, but then again, all you really need is 1 good bar to frequent on vacation, and this was it.

All in all, we had a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. The best part was that it felt as though we were in some tropical place...certainly NOT New Jersey. Lucky for us, it only a few hours drive to seek refuge from our busy lives. Next time, we'll have some friends and/or family to enjoy it with.

P.S. Check out my newest 'do. The bangs are back.

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mama said...

LOVE>>>LOVE>>>LOVE the hair!
and the happy smile on your faces. mama