Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trip of a lifetime

My oldest niece and nephew came to visit us last week. Caitlin and Jason Troy. For 4 full days, we toured the area, in search of fun and exciting things to tire an 11 and 9 year old. We were successful.

On the agenda:

Friday: Statue of Liberty & Times Square (Highlight: The M & M Store)(see photo below of GIANT M & M dispensers)
Saturday: Ocean City, NJ (Highlight: body surfing)
Sunday: Yankees Game (Highlight: everything but the traffic)
Monday: Hang out at home (Highlight: playing X-box with Uncle)

They were born in Seattle, WA, but have lived near Wichita most of their lives. Needless to say being so young, there is a lot of things they had not yet experienced: flying (and by themselves to boot!), swimming in the ocean, seeing a professional sports game, riding in a taxi, riding on a ferry, the list goes on! We had a blast and I think they did too. I hope they make all their friends jealous!

In about 7 years we'll have the other two munchkins (Eden and Rowan) up for their visit.

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