Saturday, June 28, 2008

She said "It was better than Pirates of Penzance"

I went to a comedy club last night and laughed so hard....well, my cheeks hurt, my mascara was running from crying, oh and yeah, I almost peed my pants.

The Gotham Comedy Club is in Chelsea, a district of NYC apparantly known for its rainbows. It is a really cute neighborhood and yet another area of NYC I was happy to explore. The club is also known for its "Live at Gotham" show on Comedy Central (side note: if you click on the link, look at the top of the page. It says "you are so not logged in"....I'm laughing so hard at this right now)

Anyway, the headliner was Ben Bailey (the guy that hosts Cash Cab on Discovery Channel). However, one of the openers was 10x funner. His name is Vic Henley and he cracked my shit up!

p.s. I hope someone knows the movie reference in the title of this post.

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