Saturday, June 28, 2008

She said "It was better than Pirates of Penzance"

I went to a comedy club last night and laughed so hard....well, my cheeks hurt, my mascara was running from crying, oh and yeah, I almost peed my pants.

The Gotham Comedy Club is in Chelsea, a district of NYC apparantly known for its rainbows. It is a really cute neighborhood and yet another area of NYC I was happy to explore. The club is also known for its "Live at Gotham" show on Comedy Central (side note: if you click on the link, look at the top of the page. It says "you are so not logged in"....I'm laughing so hard at this right now)

Anyway, the headliner was Ben Bailey (the guy that hosts Cash Cab on Discovery Channel). However, one of the openers was 10x funner. His name is Vic Henley and he cracked my shit up!

p.s. I hope someone knows the movie reference in the title of this post.

Trip of a lifetime

My oldest niece and nephew came to visit us last week. Caitlin and Jason Troy. For 4 full days, we toured the area, in search of fun and exciting things to tire an 11 and 9 year old. We were successful.

On the agenda:

Friday: Statue of Liberty & Times Square (Highlight: The M & M Store)(see photo below of GIANT M & M dispensers)
Saturday: Ocean City, NJ (Highlight: body surfing)
Sunday: Yankees Game (Highlight: everything but the traffic)
Monday: Hang out at home (Highlight: playing X-box with Uncle)

They were born in Seattle, WA, but have lived near Wichita most of their lives. Needless to say being so young, there is a lot of things they had not yet experienced: flying (and by themselves to boot!), swimming in the ocean, seeing a professional sports game, riding in a taxi, riding on a ferry, the list goes on! We had a blast and I think they did too. I hope they make all their friends jealous!

In about 7 years we'll have the other two munchkins (Eden and Rowan) up for their visit.

Weekend out with Friends....

So I'm two weeks late in posting weekend explorations in NYC...but better late then never, right?

a. The Pad Thai at Peep was cheap and scrumptious!

b. The two Bellinis at Prvada (Vodka Bar) were not cheap, but were as yummy as the Pad Thai. The decor felt like something out of a James Bond movie. I dug it.

c. The wine at 8th Street Wine Cellar was delish - but even better was the ambiance at this little, low-key place.

d. Last, but not least, the pizza at 1:30 in the morning at Ray's.

All places I plan to return to.....but after I've done some more exploring in NYC.

The Wedding!

We're only 5 weeks away from my sister's wedding! I'm excited for the trip back to Michigan and for the wedding festivities...rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, and of course the wedding! Photos of the glorious event will follow, for now, you'll have to be happy with photos from the shower - June 7th!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Updates!

So much to post!

1 - SATC - the movie. LOVED IT! Saw it with my new friend Christy and we laughed and cried...what more can you ask for in a movie?? My friend Jen pointed out a couple of "themes" that are not as feminist-friendly as I would've liked, but overall two thumbs up! Plus, fashion inspiration was priceless....time to get sewing.....and shoe shopping.

2 - Which brings me to new shoes....Rocket Dogs....two pair: flats and wedge, fun, fun summer shoes from DSW....(these aren't the exact pair, but you get the idea)

3 - New patio furniture (and this is my actual furniture on my actual patio)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


NJPAC - New Jersey Performing Arts Center is a beautiful theatre in Newark. With Angela and Jason we attended the NJSO performance with vocalist Michael Feinstein. Although we all enjoyed the music, I think the boys found the old-school vocals less than thrilling. I would prefer a Michael Buble or Harry Connick Jr. performance....actually I think I'd prefer Barry Manilow performance (Copa Cabana??) know, not everyone can pull-off the romantic classics. In addition, it seems as though they appeal to a certain age-group....I think we were the youngest people by at least 20 years....exiting the theatre seemed to happen in slow-motion.

The highlight of the evening was the pre-symphony dinner at the Spanish Tavern. AMAZING service and really good food...and kind of a hidden gem in the middle of Newark.

Thanks to Jason C. for planning the whole evening...its nice to experience all that New Jersey has to offer.


Why is Lisa still on Top Chef?


My 10-year high school reunion is coming up. I can't make it and I'm not sure I'd go even if I could. The really important reunion was one I had with my girlfriends (5 of us in total) from high school. It has been hard since we've all dispersed around the country, but a weekend of drinks, beaches, sun and laughter brought us back together.

Angie and Cameron graciously hosted our brood in Cary, NC over Memorial Day Weekend. We visited Wrightsville Beach (lovely) and hit downtown Raleigh for some night-life. We were celebrating our friendships and two engagements (Nikki-to my left and Angie-to my right).

It was just the recharging I needed.