Monday, April 7, 2008

bye-bye meat and dairy?

I just finished reading "Skinny Bitch" ....a health/weight loss book that utilizes tough-love to turn YOU into a vegan. Yep. A vegan. They also want you to give up coffee, liquor, cigarettes....thank god I can still drink red wine! All in all, I actually wanted to be vegan by the end of this crass and crazy book!

Some of the research seems shady and they use scare-tactics to gross you out of drinking milk....but what if, we have all been brain washed to believe that milk is great for us when really its horrible for our health? I'm not sure, but dammit, I am willing to get to the bottom of it!

My friend and Professor Lori, a vegetarian, tried to convince me to stop eating meat and drinking cow's milk....her argument was rather persuasive....that, along with the fact that my sissy, Misha, had already starting drinking 8th Continent Soy Milk (light, vanilla flavored) helped me to switch. I still drink organic cow's milk on occasion and enjoy smoked Gouda and brie cheese...but I feel better about the lessened consumption. Why? Because its better for me and better for those poor cows!

Anyway, the thought of raising my child on hormone and antibiotic ridden animal products disturbs me. Starting them off right might be the way to change the generations to come. My dear friend Lacey is a model of this and I aspire to walk her path when I have kiddies.

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny and so sweet! By the end of that book I was convinced that we needed to do more, but you know what, everything in moderation...well almost everything that is! I love a good glass of organic 2% milk and if I could have my own cow to get just that, I would be in heaven. And of course my own chickens for eggs also! But I live in Detroit and well...that is just not happening!