Thursday, March 27, 2008


So, I can identify part of the size 12 problem mentioned below.

It's called Gio's BBQ. On our most recent trip to Michigan for Easter weekend, Jason and I discovered this roadside BBQ stand 1/2 between Lawrenceville and Shelby Township. We saw the billboards along the way and figured this shot-gun-shack-bbq-stand would probably have some yummy grub. We were right.

Inside of this gas station is a concession counter, a few bar stools and a couple of booths. The Menu is hand written in Sharpie on florescent orange posterboard and taped to the wall. They sell their sauce by the jar which boasts "Winner of the 1987 Allegheny Rib Cook-Off in Pittsburgh, PA" 20 years ago? What have they been doing since then? Making damn good BBQ. That's what.

We stopped on our way there and back....and we've already decided this will be a tradition. Did I mention that we actually bought a jar of the "Sweet BBQ Sauce"? I pulled apart mama's left-over pot roast, warmed it in the sauce, and slapped it on a whole wheat bun!

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