Sunday, February 10, 2008

more interesting NJ facts

One of my new friends, Beth, had a dinner party last night. Yummy fajitas, good company, wine, and board games. During our conversation I realized a few more interesting facts that differentiate New Jersey from Michigan.

1. Coney Island. As far as New Jersey-ites are concerned, there is only one "Coney Island". However, in Detroit, there is a Coney Island on nearly every corner. My new friends didn't know what a "Coney Dog" was, and GOD how I already miss coney dogs.

2. Garbage Disposals. I have yet to see a kitchen sink that has a garbage disposal. Why? That is yet to be determined.

3. Soda. Yes, I know. I should have be ready for this, but no one calls it "pop". They call it "soda", and everytime they do, I think they're talking about soda-water. But, I am going to keep saying "pop" dammit.

to be continued.....

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