Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayor in her underwear

This news article is sad.

mayor photographed in her underwear


gets recalled in small town

#1 - I love that this is one of the only ways that women in public office get publicity.

#2 - So let me get this straight - women that are photographed in their underwear (doing nothing illicit, mind you) are INCAPABLE of holding public office. According to the article the photo was fitness-related (who knows!) and was taken 3 years prior to her term. While we can all agree that being photographed in your undies or naked is NEVER a good idea (because inevitably they will end up on the Internet), it does not necessarily mean that she should be booted out of office.

#3 - Double Standard? What if a male mayor were photographed in his boxers standing in front of a fire engine? Most people would laugh and not call him "scantily clad"!Especially if he were old and fat - but a good-looking, fit woman is instantly a sex-kitten on the prowl....meow!

#4 - The town supposedly had other "beefs" with this woman - funny - that didn't make national news - just her black-bra-and-panties show!

#5 - Let's be honest people - this has everything to do with the fact that when women reveal their bodies in bathing suits, underwear, short skirts or low-cut tops, it instantly reduces our credibility to NOTHING! Most people say to that "If you want respect, don't dress like that". And in response I would say "Don't base your respect for women on their appearance" Choosing to wear tight-fitting pants does not entitle YOU to treat me like a piece of meat and then proceed to BLAME ME for your lack of control!


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