Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dinner Guests

I am fortunate that my mother hooked me up with friends in New Jersey. She knows Angela through work and introduced us and now her and her bf, Jason, are our new best friends....and only friends in NJ.

Last night we had them over for dinner and I made:

Parmesan Focaccia Bread

Green Beans Amandine

Chicken Parmigiana (Angela's Fave)

Spaghetti (you shouldn't need instructions for this)

and for Dessert:
Caramel-Banana Bread Pudding


This wasn't exactly a low-fat meal, but it wasn't artery-clogging either.
I was pleased as pie with the results and none of the recipes were difficult. This was my first attempt at making (from scratch) any sort of yeast-bread. It was time-consuming, but fun and I forgot how much I love the smell of yeast-dough and the way it feels when you kneed it.

It brought back really good memories of my mom and grandma baking breads. My mom even gave me my grandma's rolling pin and HUGE bread making bowl, which I used to channel my grandmother - it’s the only explanation for why the bread turned out so well on my first try. (Thanks Grandma!!)

Although the piles of dishes this morning weren't exactly inviting, the company last night was well worth it.

Enjoying good food, good wine, with good conversation is a simple recipe for a good life.

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