Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayor in her underwear

This news article is sad.

mayor photographed in her underwear


gets recalled in small town

#1 - I love that this is one of the only ways that women in public office get publicity.

#2 - So let me get this straight - women that are photographed in their underwear (doing nothing illicit, mind you) are INCAPABLE of holding public office. According to the article the photo was fitness-related (who knows!) and was taken 3 years prior to her term. While we can all agree that being photographed in your undies or naked is NEVER a good idea (because inevitably they will end up on the Internet), it does not necessarily mean that she should be booted out of office.

#3 - Double Standard? What if a male mayor were photographed in his boxers standing in front of a fire engine? Most people would laugh and not call him "scantily clad"!Especially if he were old and fat - but a good-looking, fit woman is instantly a sex-kitten on the prowl....meow!

#4 - The town supposedly had other "beefs" with this woman - funny - that didn't make national news - just her black-bra-and-panties show!

#5 - Let's be honest people - this has everything to do with the fact that when women reveal their bodies in bathing suits, underwear, short skirts or low-cut tops, it instantly reduces our credibility to NOTHING! Most people say to that "If you want respect, don't dress like that". And in response I would say "Don't base your respect for women on their appearance" Choosing to wear tight-fitting pants does not entitle YOU to treat me like a piece of meat and then proceed to BLAME ME for your lack of control!


National Organization for Women

Many of you know that last year I served on the National NOW Young Feminist Task Force. This year I've been appointed to the ad hoc advisory committee on Mothers and Caregivers Economic Rights. This is very much in line with the research I have been doing on my thesis regarding paid maternity leave and I hope this committee will give me some perspective on how feminists are moving towards this goal.

We communicate via listserv mostly, but we will meet during our annual national conference in July and hopefully create resolutions that impact the direction of this organization.

Ah, feminism, what would I do without you?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


No, I'm not engaged!! I'm already married! But someone else is.....

My sister, Michelle, is getting married!!! She is the happiest I've ever seen her and what more could a sister ask for? Her and Tim are going to tie-the-knot and I am so excited about their future together.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

show this in high school history classes!

We just watched an amazing documentary, African American Lives II . Here is a snip-it of it from youtube, but check out the website - I think every American should watch this.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Adventures

There was much to see and do this weekend in New Jersey & Pennsylvania!

Friday we went to a wine tasting at the Hopewell Valley Winery (and bought three bottles - Cabernet Sauvignon 2004, Rosso della Valle 2005, Sangiovese 2005) and then to dinner at The Brothers Moon - a cute little place in downtown Hopewell. A far cry from NYC, but we were looking for low-key and we found it!

On Saturday the adventure began with a 45 minute ride into downtown Philly to visit the famous Reading Terminal Market (pronounced 'Redding')- Pennsylvania's version of the Eastern Market in Detroit. It was bustling and busy and beautiful! We stocked up on fresh seafood, sausage and produce to make some gumbo for dinner. But first we had to eat! We devoured some brunch at Profi's Creperie - bacon, egg, & cheese filled crepe for starters and then banana nutella for dessert! Heaven. I can't wait to go back and try one of the other fabulous smelling restaurants we passed along the way.

The seafood gumbo? We spent most of the day cooking, drinking wine, and eating gouda. When the meal was finally ready I discovered that I don't like okra...especially not 1/2 lb. of it in my gumbo - I was just following the recipe. It was yummy (it's our leftover dinner tonight), but I am going to be in search of a better recipe. The cornbread - sad to say - was a box-mixture from Target (Archer Farms) - but sooooo good. When you put that much effort into the main course - there is hardly any energy left over for the sides.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

If you don't have a 'significant other' to gush over today, no worries! Find a friend or family member and remind them how much you love them or simply tell them what they mean to you!

To all of my single peeps - don't let this holiday get you down. Remember to love yourself - because having self-love makes it possible to love others!

Take the Body Image Quiz

(warning: quiz contains feminist propaganda)!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

present for me

Jason convinced me to save some gift certificates from the wedding - yes, the wedding - so I did, and I had (almost) enough to get this pan.

Funny. You know you're getting old when....buying a piece of cookware becomes so much more than a purchase. It's an investment - a piece of my history to pass down to my children.

I cook with the pots and pans that my mom got for her wedding and that really means something to me. I love how an avocado colored dutch oven can connect two generations of women. I've always wanted to be the cook and the hostess that she is. Maybe if I keep using her pots, someday I will be. :-)


I have pride in my heritage, but I wish I knew more about where I came frome. Perhaps when my thesis is done, I will begin researching my roots. What I do know is that I am Lebanese on my mother's side. My grandfather, although born in the US, spent his childhood in Lebanon and returned to this country as a teenager in 1914. He came through Ellis Island with his brother, sister and mother and they ventured through NY and into Pennsylvania where they settled. I can't begin to imagine what Lebanon or the US looked like at the turn of the century. I wish I would have asked him more questions before he passed, but I do remember some of his stories, and I know my mother remembers many more.

My mom said that my Great-Grandma Shaheen kept the family going by earning money as a peddler when they returned to this country. Whether or not you are Leabanese, I think you'll appreciate this story - but don't read it! Listen (its only a few minutes)- it is much more powerful. It's a story of immigrant families, food, culture and history. I think you'll like it!

Kibbe at the Crossroads: A Lebanese Kitchen Story

Sunday, February 10, 2008

can I just say....

....that Robert Redford and Paul Newman are just stunning. I mean, back in the day, they were so handsome and had true Hollywood class. I love watching their old movies. They have aged gracefully and are still amazing actors, but I really love to see them in their prime! If you haven't, you're really missing out.

The Natural
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
Barefoot in the Park
Cool Hand Luke
The Way We Were
The Long Hot Summer
The Young Philadelphians
and so on.

I have actually seen ALL of these movies - I recommend adding any/all of them to your netflix list!

more interesting NJ facts

One of my new friends, Beth, had a dinner party last night. Yummy fajitas, good company, wine, and board games. During our conversation I realized a few more interesting facts that differentiate New Jersey from Michigan.

1. Coney Island. As far as New Jersey-ites are concerned, there is only one "Coney Island". However, in Detroit, there is a Coney Island on nearly every corner. My new friends didn't know what a "Coney Dog" was, and GOD how I already miss coney dogs.

2. Garbage Disposals. I have yet to see a kitchen sink that has a garbage disposal. Why? That is yet to be determined.

3. Soda. Yes, I know. I should have be ready for this, but no one calls it "pop". They call it "soda", and everytime they do, I think they're talking about soda-water. But, I am going to keep saying "pop" dammit.

to be continued.....

my boyfriend

So, I have a new boyfriend. We've been seeing each other since November 30th. He is much younger, and is short, dark and handsome. We are currently in a long-distance relationship, but he sends me photos so I don't forget about him.

Meet Chase, the son of my very best friend Dana - I miss them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

super tuesday!!!

Although the NJ primary was today, I voted absentee in Michigan before I moved. I could've tried to vote twice, but I thought it would be slightly unethical.

Monday, February 4, 2008


On Sunday, Angela invited me to her BodyStep class at the local gym. She is an amazing instructor.....I, on the other hand, am a horrible student. In spite of her uber-enthusiam and my excitment to try something new, 30 minutes into the 60 minutue workout, I felt light-headed and nearly passed out.

My sad body was ill-prepared for such a beating. I have vowed to return and complete the workout...someday. For now, my calves feel like they're wooden and I can't bear the thought of climbing my stairs to go to bed.

Although I haven't had a 60 minute aerobic workout since my dancing days (ballet, tap, jazz, etc), I was still dissapointed to discover how out of shape I really am. Also discouraging was my inability to learn a small series of moves in sequence. Seriously? I used to take 5 dance classes at once and master changing combinations of moves every week. What the heck happened to me?

I wanted to try the BodyJam class - hip hop infused aerobics - but now I am convinced I need to master the step class first before I make a COMPLETE fool of myself in the jam class.

I will not be defeated by the BodyStep!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dinner Guests

I am fortunate that my mother hooked me up with friends in New Jersey. She knows Angela through work and introduced us and now her and her bf, Jason, are our new best friends....and only friends in NJ.

Last night we had them over for dinner and I made:

Parmesan Focaccia Bread

Green Beans Amandine

Chicken Parmigiana (Angela's Fave)

Spaghetti (you shouldn't need instructions for this)

and for Dessert:
Caramel-Banana Bread Pudding


This wasn't exactly a low-fat meal, but it wasn't artery-clogging either.
I was pleased as pie with the results and none of the recipes were difficult. This was my first attempt at making (from scratch) any sort of yeast-bread. It was time-consuming, but fun and I forgot how much I love the smell of yeast-dough and the way it feels when you kneed it.

It brought back really good memories of my mom and grandma baking breads. My mom even gave me my grandma's rolling pin and HUGE bread making bowl, which I used to channel my grandmother - it’s the only explanation for why the bread turned out so well on my first try. (Thanks Grandma!!)

Although the piles of dishes this morning weren't exactly inviting, the company last night was well worth it.

Enjoying good food, good wine, with good conversation is a simple recipe for a good life.