Friday, January 18, 2008

one of these things is not like the other

We're getting settled in New jersey and have discovered some interesting things.

1) They don't have "Michigan Lefts", they have "Jug Handles". Hard to explain, but I like Michigan Lefts a lot more

2) New Jersey is the birthplace of malls. Indoor malls, strip malls, any type of shopping mall you can think of. Actually we have Mercer Mall, Quakerbridge Mall, Market Fair Mall, and 3 more strip malls all within 3 miles .....yes, that's what I said....THREE MILES.

3) A low-bidding street sign maker got the job in central New Jersey, because everything from local roads to major thoroughfares have signs so faded that you can't read at least 50% of them. Frustrating for out-of-towners

4) You cannot pump your own gas.....ALL GAS STATIONS ARE FULL SERVICE. Yea, I like it.

5) They don't sell liquor at the grocery store. I was spoiled in I have to make an extra stop at Joe Canal's Discount Liquor...the mega-center of wine, beer and alcohol.

I'm sure as the days go by, I'll have more observations to share.

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