Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today is Blog-for-choice day. It is the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The supreme court decision making abortion legal in the United States.

So why am I blogging-for-choice today? Because I want to honor the women, who, prior to 1973 died from illegal abortions. Now, there are many pro-lifers who are honoring the unborn that have 'died' since Roe v. Wade, and I respect their position as well.

Abortion is such a touchy subject. Everyone has an opinion. But not everyone knows the facts. Is abortion legal? In some circumstances. Is it moral? Depends on who you ask. Does it save women's lives? Yes.

Millions of women have died and continue to die around the world for the lack of safe and legal abortions. Women who have made. Women without access to birth control and condoms. Women without access to power in their relationships. Women who have been raped. All of these women represent the faces of the ONE SEX THAT MUST BEAR THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PREGNANCY. These are the facts. Let us not wax poetic about responsibility, morality and religiosity. Let us remember that until 1973 women in the U.S. were dying from illegal abortions. We must never return to a time when women cannot be trusted to make a decision so important to their lives.

Let us honor these women by fighting for the right to access reproductive health: birth control, condoms, gynecological exams, neo-natal care.

Let us honor these women by fighting against extremist groups who seek to return to a time and place where women are only valued for their ability to rear children.

Let us honor these women by showing the world that feminists fight for a right for women to choose to have children as much as they fight for the right for women to remain childless.

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